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Teixeira’s Value

What’s the message Tom Hicks should send to the Rangers loyal in the case of Mark Teixeira?
While it is very true that the likelihood of the gold glove first baseman returning to Texas is next to nothing, shouldn’t Mr. Hicks and Mr.Daniels at least give it a shot? I understand that we are talking about a premier hitter and a periennial gold glover who just happens to be a Scott Boras client, but if we just let him go without a fight what message does that send to Rangers fans. From this point on if we draft a college player who happens to be a Boras client do we expect this same thing in the future? Draft him, groom him through our system, bring him up for a few exciting seasons…. then let him go to the highest bidder!! Mr. Hicks open your pockets and sign homegrown talent to an extension.

Why sign Micheal Young for five more years, if your not intending to sign your other young superstar as well?

This all being said, if it is not the intention of the Rangers hierarchy to at least sit down with Teixeira and his agent, then the time for trade is now. Now. Now. Now. Everyone, with the exception of the biggest optimist, can see that this season is slipping out of control for the Rangers. Teixiera’s value is at it’s peak right now and may never be higher again. If he is not meant to be a Ranger for life (and I wish he was) then the time has to be now. Don’t wait for the deadline to come around, strike while the iron is hot. Get all you can for one of the top first basemen in the game and it better be a lot! If we have to witness Big Tex in a… take a deep breath… Yankees uniform, then we better get top dollar in return. Two major league ready players, as well as a prospect is not out of the question at all.

Mr.Hicks… his last name is already picture perfect to be a Texas Ranger for life, not to mention is phenomenal skills in the field and at the plate. His contributions to the community would be sorely missed as well. Let’s at least TRY to bring him home to stay.